Dan Sallitt’s Favorite Films, by International Release Date

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I made these lists at the request of Theo Panayides for a project of his.  The authority for year of release is the Internet Movie Database, which tries to go by the film’s first public screening; I sometimes override its decisions when I have evidence of its errors, or when the first public screening comes too long after the film’s completion.  Color coding is used to give an idea of how much I like each film, and allows comparison between films in different years. Unranked, uncolored films at the end of some years are a reminder to myself of areas to explore, and may or may not indicate honorable-mention status.

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Recent changes:

11 Oct 2020 to 16 Nov 2020:

2020 – new list
2019 – GYOPO added to ten-best list
2003 – ZERO DAY moved to 2002
2002 – ZERO DAY moved from 2003 and added to ten-best list
1980 – GROWN-UPS moved up on ten-best list
1977 – ABIGAIL’S PARTY moved from ten-best list to runners-up
1972 – ST. MICHAEL HAD A ROOSTER added to runners-up
1957 – GUENDALINA added to runners-up
1952 – CARSON CITY moved down among runners-up
1951 – THE SINNER moved from ten-best list to runners-up
1947 – CALCUTTA moved to 1946
1946 – CALCUTTA moved from 1947 and added to runners-up
1925 – PLAIN AND FANCY GIRLS added to ten-best list
1920 – THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS moved down on ten-best list

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